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Beach Volleyball Timeline from my point of view
Disclaimer: Read at your own risk.......timeline entries are based on my personal point of view of events. Entries are also based on my personal experiences. If you identify yourself with one or more timeline entries and you feel that it is about you, it probably is. If you feel disturbed by any entry and would like to be removed from, and/or never be included in, an entry in the timeline, send me an email and wait for my answer about you in the timeline.
15 billion years ago:
*Big Bang Theory - Over inflated beach volleyball explodes scattering matter in all directions.
4 billion years ago:
*Earth forms from beach volleyball residual matter. Earth naturally takes the shape of a volleyball.
3 billion years ago:
*First grain of sand appears.
3 billion years ago to 1895:
*Nothing really important happens.
*William G. Morgan invents the sport of volleyball.
*Four dudes in Santa Monica, California take the day off from work to go fishing. On the beach they find a volleyball (extensive scientific research cannot explain the appearance of the ball on that beach), realizing neither one of them likes fish, they take the fishing poles, fishing lines, and fishing net and managed to set up a volleyball court..........Beach Volleyball is invented
*Beach Volleybal appears in Europe

*FIVB Founded
*Sinjin Smith is born
*Karch Kiraly is born
*Old Dave, Sam, Albert, Andre and a few others set the first court on South Beach.....THANK YOU!!!

*AVP is formed
*Guided by the force, I find the courts
*WAVP is formed
November 9th 1989:
*The Wall comes down, Eastern European women are left unprotected
*We have 16 courts
*Europa....my summer begins
August 1992:
*Hurricane Andrew takes 10 courts with him
*Chop Chop has anything and everything for sale
*Mother City Bergen, 20 years later, but here I am
*French connection
*Beach volleyball becomes an Olympic sport
February 1998:
*igen Ka
*For almost 2 months we have no courts
*Sinjin is in my sandbox
*Hungarian invasion
January 1st 2000:
*Y2K has minimal impact on volleyball courts
*Cini appears
*My island

April 17th 2002:
*Viejo my querido viejo

*Cini disappears
*I believe
January 2003:
*Dameon moves off my island with 5 tattoos on his body
February 2003:
*Not good
December 2003:
*Water front property

February 2004:
*Dameon moves back to my island, too many tattoos to count
*WHVA is formed
April 2004:
*We are forced to relocate the courts due to someone's stupidity..........we all know who
May 2nd 2004:
July 2004:
*I fell
August 2004:
*Agua fria aqui
*At 63 years old, Albert is still kicking ass on the open court
*I have a bad feeling about this
September 2004:
*What a mess
*Steve gets married
October 2004:
*Witnesses claim seeing an angry hungarian female chasing down the beach a scared and fast ecuadorean male
*It is my darkest hour    
November 2004:
*Fearing for my life I flee the country and secretly hide in the low lands of Europe.........they will find Osama Bin Laden before she finds me
December 2004:
*The dutchie
March 2005:
*For your eyes only
*What a letter......it is now
May 2005:
*Dameon becomes a fire fighter.....I believe he got another tattoo to celebrate the occasion
*Life is good
July 2005:
*Scott and Mia get married.
August 2005:
*A descendent of Cini, stows away from Austria and comes to South Beach for family reunion
September 2005:
*Bruno escapes psychiatric asylum in Canada and finds refuge in South Beach with his father Bishop
October 2005:
*Hurricane Wilma sweeps my island. Most of the sand in my sand box is blown away
November 2005:
*The truth
January 2006:
*Where is Samson?
March 2006:
*Scott chops down some trees and bare handedly builds a picnic bench for our courts
April 2006:
*Heavy doses of valium are finally taking effect on Bruno
May 2006:
June 2006:
*SBV is unformally founded
*Scott and Mia get married again.....I know.....what the hell???
September 2006:
*Frankie disappears
October 2006:
*Cini takes her grandson virginity away........what can I say...we live on South Beach
*Kids volleyball camp begins
*First set of written rules and volleyball etiquette are posted for everyone to follow
*I have too much time on my hands and this website goes up
November 2006:
*Maiden voyage of the Millennium Falcon
.December 2006:
*Another Hialeah moves to my island
*Worst winter ever
*Why do hungarians keep getting in my way?
January 2007:
*DDR empire begins
*First Tournament organized by southbeachvolley.com
*Courts are down....God help us all
February 2007:
*6 weeks without courts... f@%#ing Super Bowl......and it is coming back in 3 years
March 2007:
*Lost, but not forgotten
*Second King and Queen of the beach
.April 2007:
*I know
*Karch is in my sandbox
*Nelson's twins get their first taste of the sand
*Shooting of first SBV video begins
May 2007:
*I boycott EVP tour
*Frenchie goes back home, the season is over
June 2007:
*I am far too east
*K.G.B's still out there
July 2007:
*Drama invades Marseille
*Worst volleyball ever
*They all come from Sopot
August 2007:
*DDR drama
September 2007:
*Three is company too
October 2007:
*There is a great disturbance in the force
*The Millenium Falcon gets a hyperdrive
November 9th 2007 12:10 AM:
*20+ beach bums knocked my door down and sing happy birthday.......thank you guys, but you all need Jesus
November 2007:
*Southbeachvolley.com features in Miami Living Magazine as number 1 website for beach volleyball
*South Beach Volley gets a logo
December 2007:
*Hapi Pheet
*King and Queen of the beach goes international
*Time capsule gets burried by the courts, it will be open in X'mas 2012
*Gege throws a hell of a New Years party for all players
January 2008:
*Germany and Italy join forces and invade Ecuador

*R.I.P Bench 1 :o(
*Bench 2 is built on a community project. A new tradition begins, the new bench will have pieces of the old one
January 30th 2008:
*After 15 years of planning and 2 years of pre production, the volleyball webcam streams the first volleyball match to the world wide web
February 2008:
*First tournament ever to be broadcasted live on the web
*Cult donates a net

March 2008:
*Czech and venezuelan forces failed on an attemp to invade ecuadorean and german coalition
*Großdeutsches Reich comes to an end
April 2008:
*Local Magyars are left without their princess. A piece of my life is now across the pond
*White snow falls in my island
*AVP is back, V.V.I.P section rules
May 2008:
*South beach players come together for Lenka´s cause.
June 2008:
*It hurts all over
July 2008:
*This summers mission, to explore new courts and to seek out new players. To bodly go where no ecuadorean has gone before..... google map can't find these places I am at.
*Kim gets married.....WOW
*With a gun pointed at his head, Brad marries Marina......double WOW
August 2008:
*Nets get antennas
*White snow begins to melt
September 2008:
*Courts donations go digital
*My sandbox gets a make over
*South Beach Volley acquires new domain, www.sbv.cc
*First prototype of SBV T-shirt is assembled
October 2008:
*1970's tv show re-runs
*Czech Republic's population increases +1
*The boys are back in town
*The lone star
*No one man should hold so much power
November 2008:
*Courts at Flamingo park?
*Sponge Rob debuts on South Beach Volley
*Third and forth South Beach Volley video are released, first and second video, still on production
December 2008:
*South Beach Volley donates a court to 12th street Alternative Life Style courts
*The Germans are coming
*Too far east again
*South Beach Volley sets a beach tennis court
*The Millenium Falcon gets a new hyperdrive
*Jorge gets stranded in a deserted island with food, alcohol and 4 beautiful women
January 2009:
*Italians buy stock on south beach volley courts.
*Pippo ball
*Global financial crisis has a direct effect in the amount of volleyball played.
*Drama eh?
February 2009:
*New pain
March 2009:
*Tears for fear
* Dissolution of Czechoslovakia
*Upgrade from Millenium Falcon, to Millenium Falcon 1.0
*La mima visits sambito
*We learned to talk
*A smooth, rounded bead formed within the shells of certain mollusks and composed of the mineral aragonite or calcite in a matrix, deposited in concentric layers as a protective coating around an irritating foreign object: valued as a gem when lustrous and finely colored
April 2009:
*Why did I come out of retirement?

*Back to my roots
*Website Cleansing
May 2009:
*Courts are down...again
*Women and their court.....drama
*Pow Wow my ass, 2 weeks without courts.
*Stupid guy...and friend
June 2009:
*Water World
*Save the love tree, recycle your ex-girlfriends
*Hungary dispatches a Peace Ambassador. Truce negotiations begin..
*Close Encounters of the First Kind
*Hungarians relocate to Ecuadorean frontier
July 2009:
*Magyar baguette

*Red Square volleyball
*My friend, my brother, my pana, I will miss you
August 2009:
*I heard the news today oh boy....
*Enough with the training, lets play
*You will never find a more wretched person filled with anger and sadness. We must be cautious.....yet I wish her happiness in her world.
*Timeline gets a disclaimer, it is all legal now
*More website cleansing
*Who threw the first stone?
August 27 2009:
*Juliana sees the world today , long legs long arms
September 2009:
*South beach volley helps set up 2 foot volley courts
* We are thirsty, where is Cedric?
*27 years playing, hundreds of tournaments,
dozens of wins..... but no victory can compare to that kid's smile after winning her first tournament. The feeling...priceless, the memory....eternal
September 21 2009:
*Our volleyball community looses an icon. I am glad we all shared a time and space with Bishop
October 2009:
*Women.........the good, the bad and the ugly
*Hanging like a bat
*Another beach tennis court
*32.4 ASW4, and just like that, history was made.
November 2009:
*Close Encouters of the Second Kind
*On November 3rd of the year of our Lord, 2009 the darkness of the night was lit with fire from the heavens, glowing on our sacred ground
*Executive Decision
*Berto and Julie get married, who is next?
*SBV nets
*What I can wish for, can not be greater than what I already have
*On November 17th of the year of our Lord, 2009 the devils blew off our fire from the sky, leaving once again our sacred ground in the dark.
December 2009:
*Drama on my street, drama across the street, drama across the pond
*Babies, babies and more babies.
*Some things are better left off the way they were.
*Envy corrupts you.
*George and Jo get married...they called mext after Berto and Julie
January 2010:
*Vikings shall sail again
*Courts are down, again, stupid Super Bowl
*The snake pit
*Love child

February 7th 2010:
*Malekai Saint Dequine is born, we have a baby
February 2010:
*Enemy at the gates
*Secret Garden
*Ocean view courts
*Valentine's coed tourney
*My buddy and Avatar..happiness at last
*Don't cry for me Argentina
*Female refugee camp
March 2010:
*Back in time
*The world is ruled not by Kings, Queens, not Presidents, Prime Ministers nor Dictarors. The world is ruled by the one that can edit the data...., the computer administrator
*For millions of years mankind lived just like the animals..... Then something extraordinary happened..... something that changed her life forever. She learned to spike
April 2010:
*The Wall
*Juliana is in my sandbox
*Ay ya yay ya ya ya yay
May 2010:
*For my eyes only

June 2010:
*It is done
*Slow, very slow

uly 2010:
*Somebody somewhere....passion
*Europa, a new era
August 2010:
*Padawan goes international, the taste of the experience, the flavor of the unknown, makes her take the first step to a larger world.
*Europe begins to slip form my hands
September 2010:
*We have 8 courts
*Adjustable net
October 2010:
*A monster has been unleashed
*Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind

November 2010:
*All we need is love

December 2010:
*The Natural
*I don't have stupid friends

January 2011:
*Learning to fly

February 2011:
And he fell to earth
*Give me patience and give me strengh, share your wisdom and guide me through the unknown, for you are all there, except one, I the last of the Arteagas

March 2011:
*On a personal note
*South Beach Open??
*Under pressure
*Dark Force rising

April 2011:

May 2011:
*Up to me
June 2011:
*I aready know too much, I liked things better when I didn't know anything

July 2011:
*Hasta cuando

August 2011:
*Europa, The Renaissance
*My pana y mi panita
September 2011:
*Go west young men , go west

October 2011:
*It is the only option

November 2011:
*Too close for confort

*Events, events, f&*# events
December 2011:
*The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away
January 2012:
*The Return
*The snake pit moves
February 2012:
*Too old for this I am getting

March 2012:
*The league
*Stupid people should be decimated
April 2012:
*I am going to take my time......
May 2012:
*Ouch, my shoulder
June 2012:
*Let it rain, I can't play, they can't play
*Dictum Veritas

July 2012:
*Are you kidding me? my kneee now?
*Only a Jedi can kill a Jedi
*Europe, my second time around
*Some need passion, I need peace

August 2012:
*Some emperies don't fall, they just go on recession.

*My friend, my brother, I miss you.

September 2012:
*It's a force field.
*Back in the game.
October 2012:
*The flood
*Madonna, we will miss you
November 2012:
*Under control
December 2012:
*No more diggging
* After 5 years underground, the Tme Capsule is opened. Some prediction should have not been read
*Go West again
January 2013:
*The Parental Units
*Drama in the big house
February 2013:
*The video project
*It has been predicted
*Things are not what they are, things are what you believe in
*Timeline can't be edited
March 2013:
*Coming back from the dark
April 2013:
*The video project
*It has been predicted
May 2013:
*On my way there
June 2013:
*I touched it
*Snake pit dissolves, the head has been cut off
July 2013:
*No Europe Yet
August 2013:
*The new car
*What a tourney
September 2013:
*No volley
October 2013: