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Our history: The first court was set up by a group of local players back in the early 80's. Dave, Sam, Albert, Andre and a few others were meeting for weekend pick up games on North Beach. At one point they decided to move to South Beach and setup the first permanent court. The courts have always been maintained by one or two players with the assistance of most of the regular players. Not much has changed since then. Only a handful of these South Beach Volleyball pioneers remain and the courts are still cared for by a new generation of local players. The City of Miami Beach has finally accepted our existence and we are getting some much needed help with the groundskeeping.
Who we are: We are a group of local players that made part of the beach our backyard. Our courts are located on 8th and Ocean Drive, in South Beach Miami. Everyone is welcome to play. If you have played on our courts before, please feel free to send me your pictures and comments. I will be happy to post them in our website.

Our rules:

All courts are for games of doubles only.
No group of players may keep or reserve a court for their own use.
Teams on the court must accept challenge from other teams to give everyone a chance to play
Winner stays on the court. Loser may get back in line and challenge the court again.
Challenging of court is done according to level of play and format of teams.
A team can call a challenge on more than one court, but it will lose its place on the other courts once they choose a court and their game begins

More rules

Workup rules: If 2 teams are waiting for a court, they should start a workup court up to 11, 15 or 21 points depending on how ahead the game is on the main court. If the game is about to finish, the next team should be up and the looser team will start a workup court.

If there are 3 teams waiting, one team will remain next on the main court and the other 2 should start a workup court. Games should start at the same time.

If there is more than a 4 team wait, a second workup court could be started (if agreed by a majority of the players) where 2 new teams will start on the second workup court and the winner of the second workup court, moves up to the first workup court and plays against the looser of the main court. The winner of the first workup court moves to the main court.

Warm up rules: A maximum of 5 minutes warm up between games when teams are waiting. If team is not ready they will be skipped


I want to thank all of my friends for making our volleyball community what it is now.
A special and heartfelt thank you goes to Scott and Mia. Although separate they were two more souls playing in my sand box, their union became the force and energy that united and solidified friendships in our community.
Gege, Francois, Jhonny, my brothers from another mother, thank you for making life good.
Anett....... thank you for guiding me on my darkest hour.
william arteaga